It is autumn, the leaves are falling, the nights becomes darker. Rainy and windy weather tells us that winter is on his way. The smell of summer is still in the air, but the winter still has to come before summer will return. Rat Wakes Red makes music for autumn evenings. Outside it is cold and windy. Inside we have the music to warm our body, but not our inner-self. Still we feel lonely, depressed and prisoned. Rat Wakes red is James Raftery (vocals, guitar, keyboard and sounds) with Jeral Benjamin (viola). James combines the voice of Elliott Smith, the fingerpicking guitar of Nick Drake with the depressed gothic feeling of In Gowan Ring. Gentle melodic listening music which strikes for the multilayered harmonics. But the production is a little bit to full. They gave us no rest at all: violin, guitar, keyboards and mostly the voice transcend to a pathetic smoothness. Somewhere in the bio we can read: "Jeral first heard Rat Wakes Red as a condenser-miked one-track cheapie made in James' living room. She's been hooked ever since". I think I would like Rat Wakes Red also more in that way.